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Student's internship


visa requirements

A residence permit may be granted to Non-EU students and post-graduates for an internship in Germany if the internship is within the framework of a verified international exchange program, a program funded by the EU or bilateral development cooperation or if the student passed the fourth semester and the internship is study-related. Skilled workers and managers can be awarded a scholarship by German public funds or EU funds (government interns).

You can apply for an Internship Visa after setting an appointment via e-mail. Please attach all listed documents to your e-mail. After checking the completion you will be assigned an Appointment.

At the time of your visa appointment you have to submit the following documents in person (original plus one copy):

  • completed and signed application form for a long-term visa
  • 1 recent passport photograph
  • your national passport
  • residence permit for Portugal
  • visa fee 75,- Euro
  • proof of health insurance
  • proof of accommodation in Germany
  • internship contract from German company where you intend to have your internship, also indicating the salary (if the salary is less than 861,- Euro per months, proof of additional financial means)
  • letter from your university confirming that internship is part of the course
  • agreement from the German Federal Employment Agency

Please note that in individual cases additional documents can be required.

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